Training and Service Development

Neurodiversity brings many strengths as well as challenges.

At Autism Oxford UK we work using a strength-based model to care and support. We believe in exploring individuals’ strengths and using these to support people to live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Using lived experience alongside trained professionals’ knowledge, we are a blended team of Peer Support Practitioners (these are neurodivergent individuals or parents/carers to neurodivergent individuals) Nurses, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and SEN Specialists.

Autism Oxford UK offers a range of training courses for professionals who support neurodivergent individuals as well as to organisations that would like to raise more awareness for their staff on supporting neurodivergent colleagues. This ensures those individuals needs are understood and adjustments are made to mainstream settings.

For parents, carers and neurodivergent individuals we deliver regular webinars on a range of helpful topics surrounding neurodiversity.

We are great supporters of the Paula McGowan campaign to make autism awareness mandatory for health and social care settings.

Our training courses typically last up to 3 hours however we can offer full day training courses and bespoke packages depending on your specific requirements.

Training can be delivered virtually or in person depending on your preference and budget.

Our catalogue of training courses can be found by clicking here.

For a more bespoke training package please email to find out more.

All delegates attending a training course with Autism Oxford UK will receive a certificate of attendance and a copy of the slides used during the presentation will be emailed after the training session.


“It feels so very good to be heard and experience validated… thank you everyone!”From ‘Parenting an autistic young person with a PDA profile’ workshop

“Thank you for the slides, that’s really useful. My husband attended the workshop (I was putting the children to bed) and I think he found it really helpful. He’s not one to read books about PDA like I am so this was a really good way for him to learn a lot in one go. It’s great to be able to see the slides so we can talk about them”From ‘Parenting an autistic young person with a PDA profile’ workshop

“I thought it was a great evening. I felt I could have chatted with Hannahlore and Wenna all night! It’s so interesting to hear about their personal experiences, and I’m sure they resonated a lot with our members, who have daughters on the spectrum and/or have a diagnosis (or a suspicion of one) themselves”Signal Parent Support Group, London

“It was really informative and interesting having a trainer with autism speak to us about their experience. There was a lot of useful information and wished that we had longer to listen to them both”Restore, Oxford

“The training was great, thank you. The Peer Support Practitioner really knew her stuff, and the practitioners appreciated hearing an autistic person’s perspective”START Programme- University of Oxford

“This training was one of the best courses I have ever been on – it really was excellent. It worked so well having two facilitators and they were both fantastic at delivering the content in an engaging way. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the day – thank you!”From our training sessions to the NHS

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