SEN Advocacy and Support

How does it work?

Our specialist SEN support team are able to support you through the complexities of navigating the world of SEN for your child or young person. In line with our values,. our team are a blend of professionals, using education, social, lived and health experiences, to achieve the best outcomes. We will be able to connect you the the right team member depending on your current challenges and support needs, as everyone is individual.

Our SEN offer is chargeable service- either through our hourly rate or as a fixed cost.


Some of the Things we can support with

Brief Advice

If you are well experienced in navigating the SEN world, but wanted some brief advice on a specific issue, then this is the service for you. Our Brief advice session are up to 45 minutes with one of our SEN consultants, who will be able to provide brief advice and signposting.

Educational Support- EHCNA application parent support

We understand the process for applying for a Education, Health, Care Needs Assessments (EHCNA) can feel daunting and overwhelming. We also understand for some parents, while they are more than competent to complete the application, busy a busy parent carer along with other responsibilities, does not leave much time for these forms. Our team are experienced in making the EHCNA application and also in the next steps in the process. They will be able to advise you in what evidence would be helpful to prepare to support any applications and next steps.

Refusal to Assess

If the Local Authority refuse the EHCNA application- do not worry! If you strongly feel the decision is incorrect, our SEN consultant will support drafting a reason for appeal. They can advise you in what other evidence will be needed to support the appeal and make a plan together in how to proceed.

EHCP draft review

In the EHCNA is completed and the Local Authority develop a draft EHCP it is important that this is checked in detail and that the provision stated in the plan, is reflective of your young person and also specific. We do not want to see phases such as ‘ they may benefit from…’, instead we want to quantify, who, what, when and how long, to ensure there is no misunderstanding in what should be provided to your young person.

If we are supporting you with the EHCP review as part of our fixed costs, this includes reading of up to 4 reports, as well as providing comments on the draft plan.

Annual Review of the EHCP

We will complete a ‘health check of the EHCP and will provide comments on the reviewed EHCP. Our SEN consultant will review up to 3 review reports during this process and will also have a call with the parent to discuss their views.

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