SEN Consultant

Consultation with our SEN Consultant

We are able to offer a up to 45-minute consultation with our SEN Consultant to discuss any issues you may be having relating to your child SEN needs.

SEN Advocacy

If you would like support in meetings with your young person educational setting to ensure their needs are being met within the SEND code of practice, then one of our SEN consultants are able to provide support.

Educational Support- EHCNA application parent support

If you feel your young person needs a EHCP and you would like support to put a parental application in, then our SEN consultant is able to support you through the process.

Refusal to Assess

Our SEN consultant will support drafting a reason for appeal.

EHCP draft review

If a draft is developed, our SEN consultant can review this, alongside up to 4 reports to ensure it clearly states your young person’s needs and the provision recommended within professional reports.

Annual Review of the EHCP

We will complete a ‘health check of the EHCP and will provide comments on the reviewed EHCP. Our SEN consultant will review up to 3 review reports during this process and will also have a call with the parent to discuss their views.

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