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Let’s talk job skills

We know that autistic people have so many strengths and things to offer a service by the very nature of their neurodiversity, however in the UK, we have a shockingly low number of autistic people in meaningful employment.

We want to change that…

Autism Oxford UK employs a neurodiverse workforce (please see our vacancies for any job opportunities we currently have), but we are also keen to support you to showcase these strengths and the advantages for having autistic employee’s.

Autistic Person

Autistic people have a lot to offer to the workforce, but it can take time and confidence to get into employment. This is where our employment coaches can be really helpful.

An employment coach is a professional that has a good understanding of employment law and experience of supporting neurodivergent individuals. Some of the things they can help with are;

Exploring your strengths and what type of employment you would like and would be suitable for you.

  • Work with you to develop your CV and approach to applications for jobs.
  • Coach you through ‘what to expect’ in an interview and how to advocate for yourself regarding reasonable adjustments you may need.
  • They can support you at the interview.
  • When you are offered a job, they can support you with the administration needed to start your new job and plan for your first week.
  • They can provide support in your new job, with helping your new employer understand how best to support you.
  • If needed, they can complete a formal workplace-based assessment.
  • If you need more support than what your employer can offer you, then they are able to support your application for an Access to Work Grant.


Autistic individuals bring many strengths to the workplace, including creative thinking and a unique perspective. Standard recruit processes are not always accessible for autistic people. Our Employment Coaches can support employers when recruiting autistic people to ensure support and reasonable adjustments are implemented effectively and can support your organisation in developing an accessible recruitment strategy, from advertising all the way through to supporting autistic people in the workplace.

At Autism Oxford UK, we offer employment support to suit every organisation. This may be on a consultation basis, sign posting, employment advice, training, or a blend of all four.

Our Employment coaches will be able to support your organisations compliance with employment law and how you best support a neurodiverse workforce.

They are also able to complete work placed assessments for autistic employees and support you in identifying adjustments that are required. As part of this assessment, we will support you to complete an employee profile.

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