Service Development

We support services to ensure they are accessible to all and support them to be autistic friendly using the following assessment tools, and evidence-based practice that is used to support the assessment process and any recommendations being made.

  • Southwest Yorkshire Partnership NHS trust Checklist for Autism-Friendly Environments, which as been endorsed by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).
  • Right Support, Right Care, Right Culture, October 2020.
  • Living in the Community Housing Design for Adults with Autism by Andrew Brand.

Our Peer Support Practitioners also provide unique insight into accessibility and how we can make these environments better.

We also support services to develop their pathways to support autistic people, whether this is a specialist pathway or mainstream services, for example we support services to implement reasonable adjustments.


Our specialist team are able to provide consultancy to services in driving up quality and also providing advice and support using our specialist skills. This can come in many forms, including but not limited to; supervision, chairing action learning networks for teams, clinical case discussions about a specific client you are working with or sharing skills in delivering a specific intervention.

Workplace Based Assessment and Employment Support

Working with autistic employees and their employers, our workplace specialists help to provide practical and reasonable working environments by recommending reasonable adjustments that align with the Equality Act 2010. This helps employees reach their full potential and ensure the support they receive at work is right for them. Face-to-face and virtual assessments are available.

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