Peer Support Practitioner


Our Peer Support Practitioners provide support using their lived experience as an autistic/ neurodivergent individual or from a parent perspective.

We will match you with a member of our team depending on the support or intervention that you need to enable you to live a fulfilling life.

Below is a summary of the things our Peer Support Practitioners can support with.

peer support practitioner

Post Diagnostic Support

After you receive a diagnosis or decided to self-identify as an adult or parent, this can come with a range of intense emotions.

Who better to learn about what life is like in spectrum than someone who lives it?

Whether you are a newly diagnosed/ self-identifying adult or a parent of a child who has recently received a diagnosis, our Peer Support Practitioners can help!

Peer Support

Living in a neurotypical world can be extremely confusing and overwhelming at times. Our Peer Support Practitioners can offer advice and support on things that have worked well for them and share strategies that have been tried and tested.

Autistic Parents

Autistic parents are often forgotten about and there is limited support available in learning how to parent in a neurotypical world with neurotypical expectations placed on you.

Our Peer Support Practitioners can provide coaching around your parenting.

Parenting an Autistic

Our Peer Support Practitioners have lived a day in your life (metaphorically speaking). They understand the things you want to celebrate as a parent but also the things that you can find extremely difficult.

They can share insights into things they found helpful in their own journeys and blend this with information they have gained through working in a neurodiverse team.

You will be supported to develop your advocacy skills to try and positive influence the systems around your child to ensure their can reach their full potential.

The team can also provide support in making applications for benefits such as DLA and top tips they have learned in navigating these often-overwhelming forms.

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