Price list from 1st February 2022

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We will send you some questionnaires for you to complete which one of our clinicians will review and provide a short report with their recommendations for any further assessments and further signposting.


Our assessments are completed over 3 sessions (Family History, ADOS-2 and ADI-R). We will explore your autistic profile and strengths during the assessment.

*Note if you have had an Autism screening, the cost will be taken off the overall cost of the autism assessment.

Full report will be provided.


We offer the facility to pay by instalments which is broken down into the following schedule:

1 – £500.00 on booking
2 – £500.00 after the family history
3 – £500.00 after the ADOS-2 and ADI-R
4 – £500.00 to release the report

If you already have a diagnosis of autism but you would like to better understand your autistic profile, then this is the assessment for you. We will assess for PDA or a female presentation and provide recommendations around this in a report.

*This is only available to those who already have a diagnosis of autism.


Our assessments are completed over 4 sessions (Family History, DVIA interview, ADOS-2 and ADI-R).

We will explore your neurodivergent profile and strengths during the assessment.

*Note if you have had an Autism and/ or ADHD screening, the cost will be taken off the overall cost of the assessment.

Full report will be provided.


We offer the facility to pay by instalments which is broken down into the following schedule:

  1.  £500.00 on booking
  2.  £500.00 after the family history
  3.  £500 after the DIVA
  4.  £500.00 after the ADOS-2 and ADI-R
  5.  £500.00 to release the report

One of our clinical psychologists will meet with you or your loved one to complete a WISC- V (Children) and a WAIS (Adults). This is completed usually over one appointment, and you will be provided with a report.


If you feel that you need multiple assessments, then this can be completed at a combined rate.

Please contact us for pricing.

Our assessments are completed over 2 sessions (developmental history remotely and an in person assessment).

Following a Multi-Disciplinary review, we will provide an outcome in a report alongside recommendations.


If you are unsure whether this assessment is right for you, we can offer you a screening assessment. We will send you some questionnaires to complete, once returned our trained clinicians will review this and formulate a report of recommendation. This will indicate whether we recommend pursuing the full assessment or not. Please note this not a diagnosis, it is an indication on likelihood.


Our sensory assessments are completed by one of our Occupational Therapists who have undergone sensory integration training at a minimum of Sensory Integration level 2. A full report is provided.


Following your autism assessment, we understand that you can feel a mix of emotions. Everyone’s discovery journey is different and doesn’t stop when you receive the outcome of your assessment.

Our post diagnostic support package includes weekly contact with a Peer Support Practitioner over an 8-week period and 2 sessions with our life coach during this period.

This is open to both autistic adults and parents of newly diagnosed autistic young people.


One of our therapies team will complete an intitial assessment and will discuss any goals for therapy input moving forward and discuss which profession would be best to support.

*We are not able to offer therapy input without completing an intitial assessment first.


Once goals have been agreed with your therapist sessions will commence to start working on these together.

There will be 6 weekly reviews to determine the progress against the goals.

£100.00 per hour

If you wish to have a report following the initial assessment or progress review, do let your therapist know.

£50.00 per report

We are able to offer a up to 45-minute consultation with our SEN Consultant to discuss any issues you may be having relating to your child’s SEN needs.

£80.00 + VAT

If you would like support in meetings with your young persons educational setting to ensure their needs are being met within the SEND code of practice, then one of our SEN consultants are able to provide support.

£100.00 per hour + VAT

If you feel your young person needs a EHCP and you would like support to put a parental application in, then our SEN consultant is able to support you through the process.

£175.00 + VAT

Our SEN consultant will support drafting a reason for appeal.

£500.00 + VAT

If a draft is developed, our SEN consultant can review this, alongside up to 4 reports to ensure it clearly states your young persons needs and the provision recommended within professional reports.

*Additional reports can be reviewed, but will incur additional charges

£380.00 + VAT

£45.00 per additional report + VAT

We will complete a ‘health check’ of the EHCP and will provide comments on the reviewed EHCP. Our SEN consultant will review up to 3 review reports during this process and will also have a call with the parent to discuss their views.

£480.00 + VAT

If you would like support to access work, then our employment coach is the person for you. They can support you in becoming ‘employment ready’ practising interview skills and CV development.

They are also able to provide support in the workplace – completing an employee profile and providing a space to debrief and reflect on any work challenges you are experiencing.

£100.00 per hour + VAT

One of our trained employment coaches will complete a comprehensive assessment in your workplace based around your needs and strengths. They will provide a detailed report along with recommendations as well as a feedback session with yourself and employer.

Please contact us to find out more using the enquiry button below.

If you are an organisation or employer wanting to make your workplace more accessible, then we can help. Our expert employment coaches will be able to support you in meeting your legal requirements as well as promoting an inclusive workplace.

£100.00 per + VAT

Our Peer Support Practitioners can provide peer support using their lived experienced. You will work together sharing practical advice and strategies.

This service is available to autistic adults, adolescents, and parents.

£50.00 per hour

Our Autism Practitioners are highly skilled in providing ‘hands on’ support to autistic people and their support networks. They can provide support in implementing frameworks such as the Zones of Regulation and developing social skills. This support typically takes place in person but also can be completed virtually.

£50.00 per hour

Our trained life coaches can support your thinking around life choices and working through any challenges you are experiencing. Sessions are used to offer a safe space to explore your worries and work with you to identify solutions. Our life coaches promote autonomy and you taking control over life decisions.

£100.00 per hour

Our nurses can support with a range of needs and challenges you may be experiencing, for example anger management, emotional regulation, or medical phobias.

Our nurses will complete an in depth nursing assessment to determine if there are any unmet health needs and provide a report with any recommendations.


Following an initial assessment your nurse will work with you to identify prioritises and goals. This is reviewed every 6 weeks to determine progress.

£100.00 per hour

This is an 8-week course which is run throughout the year with our physiotherapists and nursing team, focusing on improving health and emotional wellbeing. Each week will have a different theme, with light physical exercise built into each session.

Groups will be no more than 10.

£7.00 per person, per session

This 8-week course is run with one of our Therapy team members and Peer Support Practitioners. We will have a strong focus on when and when not to use camouflaging strategies to prevent autistic burnout.

Groups will be no more than 10.

£7.00 per session, per person

Additional £200 to be added to the cost of input.

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