Guide to setting up Zoom

Date Added: 22nd July 2022
Date Updated:

This guide is intended to be used by those who are attending any meeting or webinar for Autism Oxford UK Limited via the Zoom platform. For a guide on how to use Microsoft Teams, please click here.

You are also able to download this as a PDF for future reference, please click here:

Step 1).

Upon registering for a webinar or meeting with Autism Oxford UK Limited, you will receive an email confirmation with details of the meeting or webinar and in this confirmation will be a link to the Zoom meeting, which will look like this:

The URL highlighted in blue is the unique to the meeting.

Step 2).

Click the URL in the email confirmation and this will open your default web browser (the link is supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge) and the following screen will be shown:

You will need to click the Accept Cookies button, as indicated by the red arrow above.

If you do not have the Zoom app installed on your device, the Zoom viewer app will be downloaded to your device and can be seen in the bottom of the browser window, as shown below:

Click this to launch the Zoom setup program.

Step 3).

If you are running Windows 10 (or 11) on your device you will be shown the following prompt. This is a default action and you can safely click the “Remove protection and open” button to install the software.

The Zoom client will now be installed:

Step 4).

Once the Zoom client has been installed, you will be ready to join the meeting or webinar. A prompt will appear to open the Zoom client, click the “Open Zoom Meetings” button as indicated below:

Step 5).

You will then be asked to enter your email address and your name. Complete these fields then click the Join Webinar/Join Meeting button at the bottom of the window:

Congratulations! You will now be in the waiting area for your selected meeting or webinar. Once the host has started the meeting, the Zoom window will open and a message will appear telling you the the meeting or webinar is being recorded. You will have the option to leave the meeting if you don’t agree to you being recorded or to continue with the call.

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