Guide to setting up Microsoft Teams

Date Added: 4th August 2022
Date Updated:

This guide is intended to be used by those who are attending any meeting or webinar for Autism Oxford UK Limited via the Microsoft Teams platform. For a guide on how to use Zoom, please click here.

Step 1).

Upon registering for a online meeting with Autism Oxford UK Limited, you will receive an email confirmation with details of the meeting and in this confirmation will be a link to the Microsoft Teams meeting, which will look like this:

The URL highlighted in blue is the unique to the meeting.

Step 2).

Click the URL in the email confirmation and this will open your default web browser (the link is supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge) and the following screen will be shown:

Step 3).

Choose one of the options on the screen. You have the opportunity to download the Microsoft Teams app to your laptop/computer/smart phone, continue to the meeting using the browser (the most popular choice) and to open the meeting in your Microsoft Teams app that you have already installed.

Make the selection most applicable to you.

Step 4).

Once the meeting event box has opened, the Teams application will give you some options. Your name should already be prefilled and your camera and microphone should be activated. In some instances, cameras and microphones are not allowed depending on the meeting type. Once you are happy with the settings, click the Join button to be taken to the meeting room. You will go into a virtual lobby where someone will admit you.

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