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    Our home is located at Autism Oxford UK Limited, C2 Grange Court, Abingdon Science Park, Barton Lane, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3NB .

    If you have an assessment need or requirement for training, please complete our Enquiry Form here or our Training Enquiry Form here.

    We can be contacted via telephone on 01865 509222

    Welcome to our Herts Bee You- Understanding my autism and ADHD programme, in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council and NHS.

    A new service, jointly commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council and the NHS, supporting autistic/ADHD children and young people. Offering tailored support for autistic/ADHD children and young people aged from 7- 17 years on a range of weekly topics.

    If you would like to access our offer, please complete the quick contact form to the left and one of the team will be in touch with a referral form and any relevant booking information.  If you have any questions please contact us at Hertsbeeyou@autismoxford.org.uk.

    We have two offers available at present; Just for Us which is a self referral offer and a course of 1:1 support which is accessed by a professional referral only. Please see below for more details about each of the offers.

    We are looking forward to meeting you.

    This is a 10 part weekly virtual session for primary and secondary school aged young people. The intention for these sessions is to provide young people with a fun and safe space to learn about themselves and develop the tools and strategies to see them through school and beyond.

    For ages 7-10, the weekly topics are:

    • Session 1: What is autism and ADHD, What strengths does this bring us?
    • Session 2: Learning about ourselves.
    • Session 3: Friendships
    • session 4: Managing school.
    • Session 5: Taking the fear out of becoming an adult.
    • session 6: Body scanning, how am I feeling?
    • Session 7: Emotional regulation (including creating emotional toolbox)
    • Session 8: Masking / internal presentation
    • Session 9: Managing social expectations.
    • Session 10: What are your interests


    For age 11-17, the weekly topics are:

    • Session 1: What is autism and ADHD, What strengths does this bring us?
    • Session 2: Executive functioning
    • Session 3: Friendships & relationships (including online)
    • Session 4: Emotional regulation
    • session 5: Female puberty
    • Session 6: Male puberty
    • Session 7: Body scanning, how am I feeling? Including Emotional toolbox
    • Session 8: Managing school
    • Session 9: Masking / internal presentation
    • Session 10: managing social expectations

    It is recommended that for the best outcomes, all sessions are attended, however, you can just book onto the sessions you think are of most interest to you . These sessions will be live and interactive, however there will not be an expectation for the young person to interact unless they would like too, to ensure it is accessible to all.

    A workbook will be provided to attendees to make notes and includes resources which they can use thereafter.

    You can self-refer for these sessions.

    These sessions are for people who need more intensive, bespoke and 1:1 support regarding their autism and / or ADHD diagnosis. They may be experiencing anxiety, low mood/depression, moderate to severe difficulties regulating their emotions, difficulties with friendships and social situations which is detrimental to their mental well-being, self-injurious behaviours or school refusing but wishing to return.

    These sessions are either for the young person aged 7-16 on their own, or the young person together with their parent carer.

    You are entitled to 6 sessions with a practitioner from Autism Oxford UK, these are all held online (links will be sent to you). This can only be accessed from a referral from a professional, you cannot self-refer for this service.

    The first session will be an initial consultation with the allocated practitioner, this is an opportunity for you to discuss the challenges and difficulties you are experiencing and the practitioner will then make a plan with you for the remaining 5 sessions and provide resources they feel will be of benefit to you.

    All sessions are confidential unless there is a safeguarding concern, in which the practitioner has a duty of care to raise concerns, if required.


    You need to be referred by a professional to access this service

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