ADHD Assessment

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that can impact someone’s ability to concentrate, learn and process information. It can also impact on individuals behaviour, for example restlessness, movement and impulsivity.

ADHD can also bring many strengths, such as creativity and the ability to hyperfocus,

We offer ADHD assessments from the age of 7 up into adulthood. Our team follow NICE guidance and our assessments have been accepted by local authorities and NHS trusts, however we always recommend you check with your local area first before booking an independent assessment.

Research suggests that autistic individuals are around 50-70% more likely to also have ADHD, that’s why we offer combined assessments for autism and ADHD and will always screen for both if you request an ADHD assessment or Autism assessment.

Our experienced team of clinicians and peer support practitioners will explore your strengths, differences and needs with you during the assessment process and will write a detailed report detailing the outcome of the assessment with us, as well as recommendations of things we feel are helpful.

If you have a diagnosis of ADHD and medications may wish to be considered, we can sign post you one of our partners who will be able to support assessment of whether medications would be useful for you and implement a medication plan as appropriate.

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