What is Autism?

Autism is a neuro-developmental condition, which means an individual’s brain processes, perceives, thinks, and responds to people, information, and the world around them slightly differently.

Whilst the associated difficulties are well documented, it also brings with it many strengths, which is why we promote a strength-based approach to assessment, advice and support we offer.

what is autism

Just over half of autistic respondents to a survey by the National Autistic Society said they only use “autistic person” while 11 per cent preferred “person with autism”. About a quarter of people were happy to use either. Almost half of the non-autistic people with no autistic relatives said they only use “person with autism’’.

If you are not treating Autism, what do you offer?

Sadly, at present autistic remain disadvantaged when it comes to health outcomes and are more likely to experience barriers to health, education, employment, and social care compared to a neurotypical peer, leading to diagnostic overlays and poorer long term health outcomes. Autistic people frequently experience a range of cognitive, learning, language, medical, emotional need, as well as understanding Neurotypicals (non-autistic/ neurodiverse people)- after all neurotypicals are complicated beings! Approximately 60-70% of the autistic population will have a co-occurring learning disability and around 70% have at least 1 other (often unrecognised) physical or mental or psychological wellbeing need.

We want to change that! We want to stop health inequalities and we want to ensure autistic people and their support networks can access advice, assessment and support when needed, in a timely manner and by professionals that understand and our experienced working with autistic people. That is why we use a blended model to our team with a rich blend of clinicians, peer support practitioners (Expert autistic adults or family members), practitioners and academics to ensure we can provide better outcomes and support individuals to thrive and reach their goals.

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