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For Autism Oxford Services and Events:

01844 353292

PO Box 57, Chinnor, Oxfordshire OX39 4XB

For enquiries and applications for the Oxfordshire Autism Alert Card:

Alert Card 0844 381 4484

Oxfordshire Autism Alert Card, PO Box 57, Chinnor, Oxon OX39 4XB

“The best and most direct way of accessing the true story of autism”
Jonas Torrance, Therapy & Behaviour Management Co-ordinator and Dance & Movement Psychotherapist, Oxfordshire Service for Autism

“Your sessions provide excellent training for our staff as they give real insights into coping with ASD related problems and act as a good starting point for discussion and reading”
Felicity Hopkins, ASD co-ordinator, Bartholomew School, Oxfordshire

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